I got a change to speak for three minutes at Flash on the Beach conference few days ago. I was one of the 20 speakers that got three minutes to show something they’ve done or discovered or whatever. The lineup was pretty damn hot in this session. One could build a conference around these people easily.

For some forsaken reason I was the last one of 20 to get into stage. So I had to wait 57 minutes behind the curtain. 57 minutes of nail eating, struggling against the pressure in my stomach and desperately meditating to keep my mental in some sort of order. The session it self went pretty well. I didn’t freeze too much. Hopefully FOTB will release videos from Elevator Pitch so I can see others stuff. They sounded really interesting behind the curtain.

My speech was about APEXvj of course. I’ll post video of it here if there’s gonna be one. The APEXvjDesktop is now in version 1.0 and we’ll move on to new project. We gonna get what we learned from earlier projects and build APEXvjHD with just Stage3D based effects. AWESOME! So related to that I showed this new Molehill experiment at the end of my speech. There are 87 380 particles flying. Movements and rendering are done in GPU so it runs pretty easily in full HD.

Here are songs that I used in my session:
Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar
Blu Mar Ten vs Erykah Badu – You Got Me Remix
Oliver – I Need You

It was brilliant to meet so many web friends in real life. There are risks involved in these geeks + beer situations. No, it’s not that it’s only talking about coding.. ohh no, not at all. I spent several hours with David Lenaerts talking about how we could throw all sort of fishes in to a car. Concludes are that best fish for this job is Salmon and old Lada has simply best back seat for this sort of sport. “You know what happens when shit hits the fan? -Fish hits the van”. I also witnessed chicken and ninja moves by party-@nicoptere and learned some really kinky drinking games from @grapefrukt. We also solved the mathematics behind Joshua Davis’s talk.

So it goes without saying that FOTB was simply epic experience.