You can watch it now or read this thing first. This post contains spoilers but it might help you to understand demo better.

There are several ways to view this demo:

1. The blazing performance and highest quality way (recommended):
a) Download the standalone player here. (NOT THE DEBUGGER)
b) Download the swf + mp3 here and open it with that player.

2. Play in browser. Great quality but not as good in performance.
a) By visiting this link

3. Watch the video.
a) HD Video at YouTube

Making of ‘Sparkle a Moment’ by Away3D Development Team and Evoflash

It was 18th of August when Rob Bateman, the head man of Away3D framework (the worlds most advanced open source flash 3D engine), sent me an email and asked for a demo for Robbie’s and Richie‘s session at Adobe MAX 2011. We did this sort of collaboration with Away3D guys last year. Although it was a insane job I was stoked to burn my self out a bit again for sake of art and passion for this sport.

I introduced an idea, made a little synapsis and created a rough mood board.
Minomus made the track for me last Spring for Assembly demo which I never coded so we had that with us from point zero. (a very good thing.)
Here’s the synapsis:

“Into the endless darkness two light spheres are born. Slowly giving meaning and life to surroundings. In gentle moving light of spheres objects are showing their forms. Objects are symbols of science, history, society, evolution. nature, liquid and time. When a sphere come close to object it’ll be shown by the light of sphere and can become life. It can start levitate, sparkle, move, glow or break apart. Eventually spheres will light up everything. All is glamorous and flourishing. Suddenly spheres pop into little sparkles and disappear. Everything turn into deep endless darkness again.”

People liked it (or was too busy to dislike it) so I got a green light to do the direction again. The Flash on the Beach was closing and everybody was way too busy and could not work for demo. We had a little meet up at the conference and could pick up models for the demo. Other then that it was just drinking and fooling around. After all kind of delays we ended up creating this demo in less then two weeks. Fabrice Closier and Richard Olsson was working with 3D models and Ringo Blanken did examples of physics. David Lenaerts committed a stack of his special effects and went to vacation. I tried to get things together. Worked epic hours with camera cuts, setup elements and desperately struggled to get something to screen so we could move on. Once we got things rolling the process was smooth as nylon. With this kind of abstract idea it’s very important to get something done and move on from there. It took a lot of everybody’s faith to get demo in state that it started to make at least some sort of sense. I’m quite sure it won’t make sense to most of the viewers after all, but at least we got it done!

Here are screenshots of scenes and some comments about them:

Sparkles are born in to darkness. Cold and warm light. You know… Symbols of Yin and yang, thermodynamics, sweet and bitter, life and death… all that kind of shit.

A clock. And cogs. Symbols of time obviously, but also progress.

Eagle. Is a historical symbol of strength, courage, farsightedness and immortality. It is considered to be the king of the air and the messenger of the highest Gods. This is obviously nonsense as we’ll witness in near future where everything eventually vanish. (talking about the demo not 2012…) Eagle is also an animal and represents the Animalia.

We dive under water and what we find? no.. it’s not salmon. It’s tuna and David’s awesome realtime mirror ball. Fish is of course part of Animalia, but also very important symbol in various of religions.

Lunar eclipse is here to remind us of cycling nature of world. As a symbol it’s very important in all sort of nonsenses like astrology. It also looked nice with radial blur.

The train leads us to humans and society. It’s developing extremely fast. The technological progress seems invincible. It slithers through all obstacles.

We’ll move on to military tanks. While band plays ironic smooth jazz they drive in perfect formation. Firmly and certainly jumping off the cliff and form pile of junk.

We follow sparks and see Hercules, the demigod, the son of Zeus at the bottom of highest stone pole. Eventually he will fall.

Demogod now fall into pile of stones. Gravity fade down. Sparkles vanish and void darkness continues.

Simply put demo is about lifespan. It’s constant property that everything has.

I’ve been mostly listening to these records during past two weeks while doing demo:
Tori Amos – Night of Hunters and Ladytron – Gravity The Seducer
They might explain this madness a bit.

Big hugs to Away3D guys Rob, Richard, David and especially to Fabrice and Ringo who did a lot of work and had solution to all problems we faced during this process.

Ahh it feels good to have GPU support in Flash at last! Until next time…

Ohh and here’s guys shared session with Flare3D guys at Adobe MAX.