After six years of experimenting I decided to capture all the effects and demos into video format. This way first world snobs with smartphones and tablets can view my stuff too. Site is made in flash-killer-HTML5 and it even has some flash-terminator-CSS3 stuff on it. It’s build upon WordPress and involves technologies such as php, mysql, javascript and less.

The content is mostly Flash which is coded in ActionScript 3, Pixel Bender and AGAL. Used Chrome, Firefox and mainly Safari for developing and testing. Photoshop for layout and Flash IDE for vector graphics plus some Illustrator. Screenium for video capturing and Media Encoder for compressing. Videos are streamed from and fonts from Google. I used Coda for html/css/js/php coding, Sequel Pro for database and FDT5 for AS.

Buzzword kids can try to categories that. :) Probably no need to point out more…

Anyway, you can jump between posts with arrow keys and view all flash stuff in HD video. I do recommend that you view them in realtime if you got device with flash player. They are much faster, sharper and small in file size that way.

Now that this project is done I’ll move on to next one.