I wanted to post these ‘oldies’ to get them into my gallery. They are raytraced balls and some slimy turds in 1×1 pixels with decent framerate. I used Pixel Bender to create them. I haven’t done much experimenting because of two reasons.

1. I’ve been coding a lot of Objective-C lately. It felt easier to return coding with whole different language. It’s still sometimes a bit frustrating to code AS3. I do typos for example with ‘<>‘-marks and with some sort-cuts but when it comes to iPhone SDK I learned new way of typing. I also want to point out that the development tools of Apple are excellent. I should get my first App out very soon.

2. I joined the Away3D group to help them with new extremely secret project. I have nothing more to say about that yet :)

Lastly here are few Pixel Bender tricks for you:

How to create a loop in Pixel Bender?
– With help of clever brains of @MrKishi = http://www.simppa.fi/source/LoopMacros2.pbk

How to make your #define’s readable?
– with “\”-mark

#define method(param) foo += param; \
                      foo *= bar; \
                      foo -= foo*0.1;

And apparently you can do like this:

#define col(b) float4(1.0, 1.0, b, 1.0);

    dst = col(0.5);