This year the FITC Amsterdam will be something truly special for me. Firstly I’ll BE there to get the inspiration overload after several years break and secondly I’ll be holding two sessions. (!!) When I heard that I’ll be speaking it came clear that the next APEXvj just got a deadline. So I’ve been working quite hard to get this new incarnation born. I’ve been using Outracks UNO & Realtime Studio for a year and a half and during that time it has been in a closed beta state. Meaning the technology has been just finding its shape. Also for me, coding to GPU with a new language meant learning new things daily. I’ve been pretty much in a narrow tunnel sucking new skills into my system for all that time.

It’s a good time to stop a bit and see what’s on the table.

Firstly Outracks toys are way more mature then a year ago. I can now publish to browsers, desktops, android and ios as a native application that runs with full capacity. The language and its core libraries are much more polished. Meaning my workflow has became super fast. Then there’s the huge pile of tricks I’ve learned during this adventure. I’ve been truly fortunate to be able to use insane amounts of time just for realtime graphics. I’ve been living a nerds dream. I’m using a technology that is way better then anything I’ve used before and I can affect on where it’s evolving. If I think something should be added there’s a great probability that it’ll happen and in a such smart way I couldn’t even imagine.


In Amsterdam both of my talks will be on Tuesday and we’ll start with the ‘Visualising Music with Real-Time Graphics and the Making of the APEXvj‘ -speech. I’ll share my thoughts about working on an indie project and all about APEXvj from visual, technical and a bit of a social point of view. During these three years I’ve made some (perhaps new) discoveries on a field of music visualization. Like how to build a drama by just analyzing the sound spectrum and how to visual all types of music with one algorithm. Then there’s the whole scientific aspect for all this. Music affects our brain in a certain way and that can be used to make visualizations more effective. If you want to be there when the next APEXvj is shown to the world for the first time, join my session at KOEPELZAAL 11:30. Be there.

I’ve always been a bit of a opensource contributor and shared code once in a while. During this Outracks expedition I haven’t shared that much. But this will change. The “Let’s Create Real-Time Graphics in Real-Time with UNO” -session will be all about sharing what I’ve learned. I’ll make a quick tour of how UNO code looks like and will explain several tricks and how to create effects and scenes seen in the new APEXvj. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a coder or not, same concepts are used in various of softwares. Perhaps this opens a bit what could be happening under the hood. But if you in fact are a coder, then trust me, UNO is for you and this session will give you an introduction to the tech. 15:30 at TEEKENZAAL.

Also Anders from Outracks will be holding a session. A must see. Not to mention others.. like flashmöbsters. :)

Hopefully we’ll see there and everything goes smooth :)