The main reason I chosen Nokia as my mobile (E71) was this little gadget WidSets. It was an excellent little apparatus that formatted the web into little widgets. I could easily use my favorite internet data only with few clicks. Stuff like Finnish news, Bus schedules, Wikipedia, Facebook, few internet magazines etc. I have used it something like 3 years about 3-5 times a day.

Few days ago the Corporate decided to close the whole service. It “evolved” into Nokia Ovi Store. What a mother lode of bullshit. Instead of using the service I can now buy some useless little apps. When things comes to marketing there’s one rule above all and that’s: “Do not lose the trust of a customer”. This is what exactly happened here. I don’t know how much the number of users was at this point but few years ago it was 5 million and now they simply killed the whole thing.

Nokia is the backbone of Finnish economics, but fuck’em. I’ll probably select iPhone for my next cellphone. The thrust trust is gone.