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If you haven’t seen the demo I suggest that you watch it first and then continue reading this post since it contains spoilers.

When we first realized that Rob and Richard got the opportunity to speak at the Adobe MAX it came obvious that we needed to build up some sort of kick ass demo to convince people of the greatness of Away3D. First idea was to build a racer game (yeah lol) and Wipeout type of fast phase game was something we found cool enough. Then it came to our attention that Alternative3D was building a Racer game. This forced us to go back to drawing board and discuss about our options. It was quite obvious that another racer game wouldn’t be such a great idea anymore. We were just released the Spiral Out demo where me and David coded side by side and it worked really well. Rob suggested that we could create something like that. I thought that it was the greatest idea of all. Demoscene type of ‘music video’ demo naturally got me excited.

This sort of project contains a lot of angles, but I’m going to lighten up it from my perspective. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of how these babys are born.

The Creative process

We had a team of 5 coders and asked Minomus from Evoflash with Glxblt for music. We had specific roles for each coders. Rob took care of the core 3D engine. Richard and Fabrice did all the modeling work. David created most of the effects voodoo and I took the responsibility of directing. Everybody took part for creating the idea.

With the bunch like this the project can turn into a mayhem of creative vortex and epic battle of toes stepping. So I thought it would be essential to get everybody into same state of mind. We started by getting an agreement on the rough synopsis. After the “rough synopsis”-project (which contained a stack of extremely bizarre emails with colorful adjectives and naive romantic thoughts) I created a visual moodboard and color schema for us:

Moodboard of the futuristic city:

Color schema:

For the music I wrote this little summary of our ideas:

“The length of the song should be near 3 minutes.

We should start with melodic and atmospheric part where we
show the city view and do some smooth camera flying.
We are showing the dropping liquid substance that’ll
be the catalyst for the explosion.

Then somewhere near 1:30min – 1.40 we peak to the explosion and
change to more aggressive theme. We do angry camera flyings
while slowly in bullet time continue the explosion.

Then the end. I think the ending should be quite sudden.

Good reference is Jon Hopkins – Vessel song.”

We also collected a video references:

Slow Motion bullet time

Nuit Blanche
– Bullet time example. Also nice black&white + bloom.

Bullet time
– Slow motion and rather faster camera movement.

Splitting the atom – Massive Attack
– Basicly what we are heading. Except our polygons will move a bit during time.

Black&white + little bloom

Sky Captain Metropolis
Black&white + little bloom

(Let’s add a tiny hint of some colors to our piece, maybe purble&yellow compination)
(Check out the moodboard image)

When it comes to creating a demo all this preparation is good, but hardly never shape the demo too much. The final result will be what comes out after endless testing and rethinking. The best things comes out from flow and flow can be achieved by working around the subject. For coders this means coding, testing, failing, coding, thinking, playing, coding, failing, coding and enlightenment.

When you are dealing with talented people like these the key to success is freedom. Everybody should at all states have the feeling of if they come up an idea it’ll probably end up to the demo. It’s collective of skills that’ll define the outcome. If everybody doesn’t get the maximum satisfaction of their work it’s not worth doing.


It’s important to understand the artistic layer demos have. I’m talking about the feeling you get after experiencing the opus. It took you into another world. You are not quite sure what it is but it moved something in your brains. It feed your emotions. It activated some parts in your brain that stay in sleep on your normal everyday life. Maybe it inspired you. Maybe it confuses you. Maybe it got you thinking of something. All this information that was put to the art work by creators is now transformed into you and something completely unique has born. It’s combination of your and creators mind.

Freedom of express

I would like to point out that at the same weekend we were busy fine tuning this piece something exceptional happened. A new flash demogroup released their first demo.
Area Unstable by Badsquare is a demo made by Ralph Hauwert with graphics by SanderFocus and music by legendary Gloom.

In general I look at these pieces of art from the point of view where first there was nothing and now there’s this. What a beautiful event that is when group of people join their minds and create something just because they feel like doing it. I think we should encourage our each others to express our self’s with completely freedom. Expression can never be ugly. It’s the most holy thing we have. People who judge others will to express have competitive mind set and does it with motives I found as sign of immature mind.

I would like to thank the Away3D members for having me to this project and made this possible. For all you creators out there: Let the creativity flourish and take a part of it.

p.s. Sorry for being such a preacher :)