Efla 1000 connections
Here you see 1000 particles connecting each other if they travel close enough.

Abstract form of connections.

Combine 3D sphere into dimension two by connections.

Connections in 3 dimensions.

Optimizing is everything. More you can optimize more powerful your tools become and you can do more. I never get tired of researching more ways to optimize.

First level of optimization is to get current code to run as efficient as possible by cutting off all unnecessary method calls and maths. Also strict typing and bitwise solutions need to be thought.

Second level is to think about the concept. Like in these demos if all objects check their distance with all objects the cpu will freeze. The solution is to split the scene into grid and push objects into those blocks according their coordinates. With that the distance check can be crop to affect only objects that are near.

Third level is something that I haven’t reached yet so don’t know anything about it yet.. :)