Blue Whale

I created this math last Spring for one project that didn’t finished then and has taken a new path now so this elegant loop has become available. I cannot think of better way to show it than combine it with the most intriguing being on Earth, the Blue Whale.

Make sure you have a head sets and your volume is set to high since Blue Whale has very low voice. A lot of his song is under our ability to hear. Never the less you can still feel it inside your head and deep in your stomach. That sound can be heard over 1200 kilometers away. These fellows can sing through oceans to each other!

“Source level of sounds made by Blue Whales are between 155 and 188 decibels when measured relative to a reference pressure of one micropascal at one metre. All Blue Whale groups make calls at a fundamental frequency of between 10 and 40 Hz, and the lowest frequency sound a human can typically perceive is 20 Hz. Blue Whale calls last between ten and thirty seconds. Blue Whales off the coast of Sri Lanka have been repeatedly recorded making “songs” of four notes duration lasting about two minutes each.”