A Glorious Dawn

I was inspired by this video and song by John Boswell to watch the Carl Sagan‘s Cosmos series from the seventies. What a pedagogue this man was and still is!

Here‘s my art contribution to honor him.

I think the song is master piece after knowing the raw material Mr. Boswell used. Check out his stuff at colorpulsemusic.com. By the way it’s a whale song.. If you are wondering what Sagan is trying to sing at the beginning.

The visual synchronization is made by using only soundChannel.left- ja rightPeak. You may click on it to activate the explosion.
Ohh and here are the code for creating sphere that has it’s points correctly randomly separated.

var u:Number = Math.random();
var v:Number = Math.random();

z = -1 + 2 * u;
var z2:Number = Math.sqrt(1.0 – z * z);
var phi:Number = (2. * Math.PI) * v;
x = z2 * Math.cos(phi);
y = z2 * Math.sin(phi);