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(o) Life 900×480 (o)
(o) Life 640×420 (o)
(o) Life 400×300 (o)
(o) Life 200×200 (o)
(o) Life 200×1000 (o)
(o) Life 1000×300 (o)

Before you press them grab my thoughts.
There are pixels on a screen. Let’s call one of them Frank. Every items like Frank has a birth knowledge of their neighbors both vertical and horizontal. On every 0.5 seconds fortune moves one of them into random direction.

Suddenly something moves Frank. He panics and urge his neighbors to move also. Because they have been Franks neighbors for some time they trust Frank and copy the panic to their neighbors. Some of the neighbors are skeptical and hardly move at all and won’t pass some others concerns to neighbors. Sometimes when everybody is yelling “move, move, move!” even the most doubtful cannot resist of joining the viral. Happens every day in every size.

This madness forms beautiful patterns with extremely high complexity.

View them in fullscreen mode. Click on flash and then any key.

Different, but in same area and the most famous of all Conway’s game of life.