Here’s the second “work in progress”-release of the next APEXvj. This one contains two scenes and four post-process effects. The sound analyzer code is rewritten as well.

Plan is to get this thing work in mobile, browser and desktop so I’ve decided to use only one draw call. It’s enough for a lot of cases and the Uno.Scenes.Batch class is pretty darn awesome for this. It allows me quickly create extra vertex buffers and only compiles those that I use.

The nugget geometry is made of truncated Tetrahedron. Used random values to determine how much corners are cut and in what angle. This way they all look a bit different. They all also have a different way of rotating, which obviously changes based on music.

For this release I’ve made a rather ambitious goal to make every scene construct based on sound, not just the camera movement or flashing lights. Let’s see how well that turns out..

You can change the post-process with 1,2,3,4-keys and the scene with Q and W-keys.

WebGL export via UNO in Realtime Studio