I just checked and yeah… I had almost a year break from releasing experiments. The very core content of my blog. What ever. Here’s another particle experiment. There are 87 380 balls doing their thing. I think this will lead to open source Stage3D particle engine lib and hopefully I end up adding these monsters to Away3D someday soon too.

This isn’t a perfect system yet and not fully optimized. Anyway.

What this thing does is:
1. Set start and ending points for particle vertices. (2304 in every frame)
2. GPU will tween between those points.
3. Plus all sort of funky stuff with colors and there’s light at the top of every particle stream. GPU will calculate distances to those and add more value to colors. As you can see.

Anyway that was the plan. In this case it started to behave funny when I adjusted my AGAL codes and the rule explained doesn’t fully apply anymore. So what I released here is a mistake, but I think it feels and looks great!

Here’s a link to that cool song.