(11:21:54) Bent: hey
(11:22:33) Simo: hey
(11:22:40) Bent: so, you know nvscene right?
(11:22:44) Simo: yep
(11:23:00) Bent: how would you feel about making an android demo for it?
(11:23:16) Simo: yes :)
(11:23:25) Simo: I want to make a demo
(11:23:26) Bent: it’s over one and a half month away
(11:23:29) Bent: i know you have a lot to do
(11:23:30) Simo: wanted for a long time now
(11:23:34) Bent: but i’m thinking “it’s time” :)
(11:24:08) Simo: I’ve been secretly working on mobile friendly deferred rendering :)
(11:24:22) Bent: you don’t have to work with me of course (for music), that’s not a requirement at all, but it would be fun
(11:24:34) Simo: would be great

My latest demo was Sparkle a Moment (flash) and it was made in 2011. So definitely it was about time to create something for the demoscene again. I moved from Flash to UNO some years ago so it was obvious selection of technology. Here are some links:

Android APK
NVidia Shield Tablet capture video
WebGL Capture Video
WebGL Build
DotNet EXE

As you can see at the end of “capture video” it also runs perfectly on iOS, but I’m too busy to upload it to store. Anyway it’s quite nice to get all sort of native code as a side product when writing UNO. :)

I’ll try to write a technical blog post about the demo later. There was quite a few technical tricks (like SSAO, VSM and Deferred Lighting etc) I needed to get my head around to get them run smooth and nice on Android and would be happy to share them with you (if there’s anyone reading my blog these days anyway…) .