Today I released the second version of APEXvj in browser. It took me several months to get this far. That’s simply because I only used irregular hours and minutes that was left from my everyday life. During these months I remade the whole thing several times. In this post I’ll show layouts and ideas I went through and why I ended up to decisions seen online today.

To whom I'm doing this?

When planning the project the first idea obviously was that I would create something epic as possible. Now that I have all these 3D possibilities and skills to use them. But after some thinking I got crazy idea that maybe I should create something that’s not only for the first world on and beyond the edge guys. That’s what everybody does. I don’t care about one day twitter fame. I have no income result pressures either. I can do what ever I like. That’s the beauty of indie project. So why not…

So I decided to create something cool but also something that works even at the most shady Internet cafes out there. I wanted it to be able to run at every poor school computer and on old library machines. Hippies at beaches around less-developed world with their crappy CPU’s could enjoy it as well. Obviously there are GPU’s that Flash doesn’t support and things can happen with the internet and different browsers (Especially beta versions of Chrome). Anyway overall the idea was to create optimised visuals.

On my OSX it takes average 6-7% of CPU. I’ve heard that some Windows machines needs only 0-2% of CPU. But that doesn’t prove much. So I went to my nearest library and tried this beast:

I’m not very sure about those numbers and letters but doesn’t look very promising to me. The graphics card is called 845G and it’s integrated into motherboard. Could that Mini 533 OPV mean 533 Mhz? Possible since, it took several minutes to open a PDF file. That monster even has floppy-disk drive. :)
Well here’s the video:

It’s in software render mode and colours looks like 8bit or worse, but runs pretty well. I assume all security issue alerts has forced the library to update to latest Flash player version. So awesome!

This was possible by creating custom AGAL and stage3d code for every effect and reduce all function calls to minimum. Pretty much same way I did the mobile version.

Design and concept trash bin

I worked a long time with an idea of web application. Same way the APEXvj has been so far. Here are some layouts I made and didn’t approve.

I actually coded most of the features to web application concept but trashed them all. That concept just didn’t feel so good anymore. It had some major issues. Like sharebility and lousy support for so called social objects. I thought that maybe APEXvj could be like Vimeo of music. It would offer music makers a way to show their songs in new cool way and get feedback and endorsement.

So I coded a html page where the visualisation element acts the same way as videos does in video services.

This gave a lot of possibilities like ‘music tripping’. By scrolling up one can continue to related and semi-related songs. This is excellent way to open more content. Took the idea from vimeo and added the link-color line to attract attention.

Next steps and the future

I’m going to add a TV-mode so that one can select a playlist and APEXvj will take care of the rest. I’m also planning on bringing back the remote controller. Also ability to embed is almost there.

I’m setting up a company and will do freelance work. That freelance work will be there to give more time for APEXvj development. Hopefully eventually I can work on it full time. To light the future a bit I can tell you that if this version was for the weak computers I think the next will be about something else.. :) More on that a bit later. Until then take a look at these songs I digg:

APEXvj visualized Blackmill – Lucid Truth (Full Version) by Blackmill

APEXvj visualized JOURNEY: I was Born For This (End Titles) by Austin Wintory

APEXvj visualized VESSEL: Above Us by Austin Wintory

APEXvj visualized Damian Marley – Affairs of the Heart by Damian Marley

APEXvj visualized Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light by nikisot

Keep the vibes good!