It has been 6 months since the first release of During that time it has visualized songs for over 1.2 million visitors. Yeah that’s right. :) She did it all by her self. No advertising or such. It seems that people just like to share it. There aren’t specific group of people who share it. According to Facebook people from teenages to more mature seems to enjoy it. It’s pleasant to see comments like these . Also when I Google for APEXvj I found a stack of blog posts about it. To me this proofs the idea and execution isn’t entirely fail. It’s obvious that this concept can be pushed much more.

One thing people constantly ask for is ability to use APEXvj offline and to play their local files. Currently APEXvj can play only one mp3 file at the time. That isn’t enough. So obvious move is to go to desktop. I’ve been promising APEXvjDesktop for several months now and been slowly developing it on weekends and at nights. Plus this I’ve been working as Lead Developer on my day job. Naturally this isn’t very good mix. One cannot code 24/7 without becoming burnout human ruin at some point.

Although one of the most important component of APEXvj are visuals and they came by my hands a successful service needs much more. As I’ve blogged before a friend of mine Art Director Jani Länsimäki designed layouts, graphical lines and worked with me to clarify the concept and user experience. I believe that without this combo this toy would not be as good. Jani brings so much to table and also get best out of me. I wanted this combo back with full power.

It was not simple task but I’m happy to announce that team is back again! We managed to make a deal and have now been developing the APEXvjDesktop almost fulltime for a week. This will continue at least until end of this year. So there are 7 months to show what we are made of. We have a lot of ideas on the table waiting for their creation, but first we are working on getting the first release of desktop out before summer vacations. I won’t show you all the cards at this point but here are few sneak previews. Screenshots are taken from the current development version and they contain only offset graphics.

Bunch of new visualizations and ability to control their attributes in real time. Users can create combinations little like in demotools and share them. Users can also show the visualization on one screen and adjust their attributes on second.

New music sources such as Audiotool (maybe more… ;) ) and ability to play all local music files including the iTunes format .m4a. You can also create custom list as excepted.

I’ve been working fast phase projects for 10 years so guess how thrilled I am to have this opportunity to create something without compromises and with relatively long time phase! I think we’re going to setup a short beta test phase before first release so if you would like to take part on that just drop a message to this blog or tweet me.