One day a month ago when I was supposed to start building a particle engine to new Away3D Molehill my mind started to drift into abstract directions. This often happens to me when I’m in situation where I ‘have to’ do something. It can be cleaning the house, traveling to somewhere or in this case where current work doesn’t instantly take wind under it’s wings. Don’t get my wrong I’m still motivated to create that particle engine. It’s just that chemicals and synapses in our brains takes their own tracks producing distractions all the time. I think we should always follow this animal intuition. (in case it doesn’t cause harm to no-one)


The first idea was simple: Send the soundSpectrum to PixelBender and see what can be created just by using that data.

Output: the Dancing Eye.

At this point I used mp3’s from my harddrive made by Gloom and Minomus. Although these guys create really nice music it gets boring to listen same songs over and over again. So it came obvious that I needed more. More is less then a lot. SoundCloud seems to know their stuff. Maybe they provide API? – ohh yes.

The apparatus started to feel like a good idea. So I created some more visuals. Some of them are remake from my earlier experiments.

For the first time I had found something functional use for my experiments. I asked my fellow worker at FWD Helsinki Art Director Jani Länsimäki to do me a layout for the app. I have worked with Jani for several years and our cooperation works like a greased lightning. He instantly empathized to the topic.

Speaking of working with AD’s it’s all about nuances. Good AD can read developers silent messages right away and vice versa. Sometimes it’s just silence to the single detail that tells you something isn’t right and you fix it without discussion. The conversation between like minded web-workers is impossible to follow. Ideas move on like synapses. Chaotically between abstractions and somehow all the time there’s shared deep understanding. This can be achieved with mutual respect and high professionalism on this rather absurd field of industry. The most important thing is that both are aiming to achieve the best possible outcome this skillset can do. Accepting the limitations team have and perceive its possibilities. This is how I feel about the subject.

The APEXvj will evolve when time goes by. I’m not sure about the direction yet. Surely there will be more visuals and maybe extensions to desktop and mobile. It was made because I felt like it and you are free to use it anyway you like. Hopefully you find some use for it.

p.s. TIP: You can quickly create links from SoundCloud urls. e.g. can be turned into . This will automatically play the song with random visual. If you like you can also add the visual number (starting from 0) after the url like this:

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