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This site captures the evolution of my technical progress and artistic expedition. I'm a realtime graphic coder in passion and a web developer in profession. I have earned my living by designing and developing user experiences into digital applications since 2000.

The decade has past mostly on working with crazy shit like marketing campaigns and therefor I have experience from all kind of web, mobile, game and whatever development. But this blog is all about coding art on my precious free time.

Ohh and once in a while I give out code. Press those category links next to titles and find something like this.

The FWA Interview of Simo Santavirta

My company Odd Circles page


Name: Simo Santavirta
Location: Finland

Married and father of two
Demoscene: jac at evoflash

Job: Real-time graphics at Odd Circle
contacts: twitter, google+, linkedin


NVScene 2015 - 1st in Android demo
Assembly 2010 - 1st in Real Wild demo
Assembly 2009 - 3rd in Real Wild demo
Assembly 2008 - 1st in Real Wild demo
Flashscene.org 2007 - 3rd in 32kb Challenge
Assembly 2006 - 3rd in Browserdemo
Flashscene.org 2006 - 1st in 4kb Challenge
Assembly 2000 - 3rd in Flashdemo

International recognitions

The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Site Of The Day 25. November 2014.
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) The Cutting Edge Project of the Week 10. June 2013
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Site Of The Day 7. June 2013
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Mobile Of The Day 16. April 2012
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Site Of The Day 10. February 2011
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Site Of The Day 28. April 2007
The Favourite Web Awards (FWA) Dite Of The Day 23. May 2006
The Dope Award 14. February 2011
International Webby Awards GOLD Corporate Communications
International Davey Awards GOLD on Branding
International Davey Awards GOLD on Education
International Davey Awards SILVER on Self promotion
Europe’s Premier Creative Awards SILVER on B2B
European Excellence Awards Winner
Cannes Lions Cyber sortlist
London International Awards Finalist Corporate Image
London International Awards Finalist Self-promotion

National recognitions

Grafia Vuoden Huiput GOLD Digimedia
Grafia Vuoden Huiput GOLD Innovative advertising
Grafia Vuoden Huiput SILVER Digital Marketing
Grafia Vuoden Huiput Honour Digimedia
GrandOne Best Design GOLD
GrandOne Best B2B GOLD
GrandOne Best Campaign Honour
GrandOne Best Design Honour
GrandOne Best Viral Honour