That’s 200 000 particle version. That might run on your browser.

So like I’ve written on this blog my particle engine can move large amount of particles from A to B and I can do custom tweening algorithms for that transition. Great… what then. I realized that using perlin noise for setting the B positions of the particles could turn this thing look quite interesting.

On my OsX toy the difference between flash on browser and standalone is insane. 200 000-300 000 particles is pretty much the maximum until it won’t run smooth anymore. I wonder if this is memory related thing? or what? Who knows? Someone from Adobe might… Well anyways. Here’s the same thing exploding 1.4 million particles in 1920×1200 resolution with smooth 60fps.

There are exactly 1 398 080 animated particles. This is the maximum amount since 64 full buffers is the limitation. It surely is enough. All the contrast will disappear because the screen is full of stuff. Still looks pretty darn rad. Especially thinking it’s Flash and dead and all..

Hopefully some update in the future will unleash this power for flash player in browser too.

Here’s a 1.4 million particle demo for you to test. It’s heavy shit. Be patient. I mean it :D
Also added a standalone version that you can play with your flash standalone player. That will run well in decent machine. (after unoptimized initialization)
Browser version.
Standalone version.